2009-12-28 02:16:27 by clank12

I love guns so much they are my most favorite object in the world my most favorite kind of gun is the mini-gun. Do you people no what guns are most best at starting and ending conversations lol and wars. And the get rid of people you don't like hahahaha. Heres an old saying guns don't kill people, people kill people (writen by so and so). Yes you may call me a gun fanatic. But with out guns we wounld be here I mean how would we survive the Cival War, World War 1, World War 2, and etc.


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2009-12-28 03:56:13

Yes guns indeed are great but are also bad and for some reason humankind loves violence we thrive off of it

clank12 responds:

I know dude I have noticed that but nobody will know why even I dont under stand it.


2009-12-28 03:56:58

Also breastface is a spammer dont go to websites from people you dont know that website probably had a virus

clank12 responds:

Thanks man but good thing I have McAfee advizer it warned me about the viruses so it sent me to its own page to warn me about security threat so I didn't go to the site. But thanks for telling me.